Your last chance to sign up for “Winter is the Soul of Russia”

The next few days is probably your last chance to sign up for a Winter is the Soul of Russia” (c) trip with elements of Misery Tourism” (c).

And dead season, when I can offer my time cheap is nearly over too. Gold Ring, Moscow to St. Petersburg, or a trip to Staritsa along the Old Riga road. It can even be done camping style to save you a bundle on hotels and restaurant meals, and of course to make it more of an “experience”. What’s cheap? Think of 80 cents/mile as the total cost, half of which is the cost of actually running it. I need to get some cash beyond strictly covering costs to remain alive, well fed, and solvent. So by “cheap” I don’t mean that $500 will cover 1000 miles in five days, or one traveller recently suggested. But for $250/day you can have me, the truck, camper, and equipment. Below are some photos in my last attempt to entice brave travellers like you to embark onto my famous Winter is the Soul of Russia (c) and Russian Misery Travel(c) adventure. 

Also see  I’m game for Gold Ring, Tver (including horse riding near Staritsa), certainly Myshkin, or even a Moscow to St. Petersburg adventure.

old_cart russian_winter_2


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