Welding equipment

Dima (the one who took over my Dacha & Horses project) asked  me to review the welding equipment scene and get something suitable for his needs. His request resonated with my own fascination with fire, power over metal, and other archetypal imagery, and now this “check what you can buy for under 12 th. roubles) have turned into a full scale research project.

For gas welding equipment an expert welder of Alexandra’s acquaintance recommends VigalGas in the Ochakovo district in the south-west end of Moscow (see Russian Misery Tourism(c) elsewhere).

Another good source for both gas and electric welding equipment appears to be MosSvarka, and it is in the north end, within easier reach.

There is a lot of talk about plasma welding. See plazmosvarka.ru and shop.multiplaz.suNew and expensive. It is presented as a super pooper development of what’s left of the Russian space industry. I’ve drooled over plasma welding ads but wasn’t able to find anyone who actually used it. 

See one of the previous posts about Plazer inverters that carriage maker Misha, one of the experts whose brains I picked extensively during this project, recommends.

One of the likely choices if Dima said to get it NOW is this model >>

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