Website management

No “web design” but here is what I can do on that front:

  • Aggressively simple sites, eg. These are easy to make, loading time if fraction of a second, they are immune to viruses.
  • Standard WordPress sites such as this one or The only plausible reason to use WordPress is to make your site interactive or plan to have it administered by several people. Also great if you need to sort a stream of small bits of information into meaningful categories. But attempting to master WordPress by yourself can take you out of circulation for many months as it did me in 2011 and most of 2012.
  • Mid-level static information sites such as the site of the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve I helped to get started.
  • Registration, hosting arrangements, backups, monitoring and all the routine. To do that easily and cost-effectively your site would need to be in the same cluster as mine. This way it will receive human attention whenever I do something with mine, which is daily.
  • Content development and promotion can be discussed.

For around $100 per month I can spare you headache associated with site ownership. It will be up and running, and if it is not I’ll deal with the issue. Think of how you lost a site because you forgot to pay for registration, or about two months it was blacklisted by Kaspersky etc. $100 per month will take care of these situations.

Looking over structure and content requires a very different level of involvement but a meaningful job can be done probably starting at $300/month. Tell me about your needs as you perceive them and I’ll share my view.

Maintaining websites has been at the core of my business since about 1997. While I am as far from IT as anyone can be, I probably have some practical experience to share.

Something to add?