Vegetarian food coop

It’s been spoken well once again so I guess I’ll add to my list even though I’ve never been there myself. I also detect a bit of hype coming out of this establishment. But on hearing well of it from three disinterested sources does it., Russian only, but vegetarians tend to speak English so I would not hesitate to call or write to them in English.

The address is Khoreshevskoye shosse 39Б, stroyeniye 1, 2nd floor, office 5, Metro Polezhayevskaya. If taking the tube go in the same direction as the train, walk through glass doors and turn left.

Open 11am to 9pm Monday to Friday, 11am to 7pm Saturday.

E-mail:  Tel.: +7 909 953 9295

Been there? I’d love to see a report.

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