Vasily (Vasya) Lozhkin

One of very few artists who amuse and cheer me up. His specialization is cats and babushkas, bearded muzhiks, exes, and dead puppies, but he somehow manages to present them in a way that fails to induce suicidal thoughts. Below are a few few paintings of his.

cat-grass-rainbow guard_dog logkin_sever lozhkin_kitten no_smiling

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And here is this famous artist himself:

Based in Solnechnogorsk, ~30 miles north-west from Moscow on the Moscow to St. Petersburg highway.

In my view he has succeeded in capturing the essence of this country and especially of this time. Vasya has generously given up his rights to his art and allowed us lower mortals to use his paintings as we see fit. I find that a lot of his art makes good visual illustration to what I’m trying to say. Caricature, yes. But humour softens the impact. Takes the edge off Russian misery.



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