WW2 era TT handgun

Yes, the real thing, from 1940s and 50s. The price is a disappointment, with 13800 roubles ($450) for a TT and 19 000 (near $700) for a Nagan revolver. Even worse is that these guns are irreversibly disabled. The barrel is welded shut and two holes are made in the sides in the famous TT. The Nagan revolver, in addition, has cells in the drum filled. All that makes these otherwise beautiful things nothing but a souvenir. Still, a souvenir with a character. If it wasn’t a souvenir possession of one would carry a six year prison term. Yes, possession of an old gun, no ammo, and it is real Russian prison. Or, at best, a colony where you are not quite as confined but still.. If it can make just one shot, it is still counts as a real weapon. Compare 6 years for possession a toy to 7 years for hijacking a plane according to a price list posted in Domodedovo in the check in area! Where was I? Yes, real but near irreversible disabled hadguns are at the Savelovsky market, kiosk П-149, store keepers Ruslan and Dimitry.

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