Toilet training? Life skills? Or there just isn’t enough mind or soul or whatever to go around for 7 billion of us?

Why am I seeing something that look suspiciously like human excrement stuck to the side of the toilet after the third clinet in a raw?!

The deal with you renting my apartment is that you leave it as you found it, ready for the next guest. See

Being offered 50 roubles for the train station ride (parking alone is 100, or $3.50) by the latest traveller who wanted to be met does not help much either. And it was an American who lives in Moscow permanently. Naivete can’t be an explanation here.

Proceeding to disinfect, vacuum, dusk, and brush the place although my motivation level is way down, and thus the level of service.

What’s happening people? A preferred long term client of mine recently threw a wild party complete with black students (I’ve earned by right to dispense with PC)and all else associated with this activity, including throwing trash out of the windows. What’s worse, the apartment was provided by Olesya for whom it was the last drop. Now, when I attempt to sent her a client her first question is about “colour”. Not background, not nationality but just race.

Help! The world is sinking into dusk and chaos whence it came. But there is no one to help. Death of God is an established fact. At least now we have a plausible proof there was God at one time. Hell, they say, is the state of separation. How right were the religious freaks. But they too are gone or nearly so.

Anyone accusing me of deriving theological and existential conclusons from a few spect of shit, drops of urine, unknown gray substance in the bathtub and white something in the bedroom is reminded that shit and urine in inappropriate places is just of hundreds of indicators I’m seeing. Daily! A single instance proves nothing. Prevalence is an indicator. Prevalence plus trend is a proof or as close to one as it gets.

Something to add?