Teaching English

repetitor.org or repetitor-baza.ru has quite a number of ads by foreign losers just like us who, instead of getting a job and a life back home, dragged their lazy asses to Russia.

In my case the mistake is particularly unforgivable because Canada was a conscious choice, and a lot of effort and expense went into moving there back in the Iron Curtain days.

repetitor.ru mostly has Russian educated teachers. Seems smaller and more “hand-made”.

russia.repetit.ru lists English tutors in provincial centers where life is quieter and cheaper but common rates will be 1/2 of what they are in Moscow at best, often 1/4.

But all interfaces are in Russian! I’ve registered in all three and am not waiting for something to happen. It is already clear that the situation is drastically different from the 90s, and not exactly in our favour.

expat.ru forums is the only place where I regularly see English lessons offered in English, and the interface is entirely in English. If you are just testing waters start there.

PS. Tested all of the above in March and April 2013. No, the number of enquiries was below what you’d need to support yourself. Teaching English, at least in Moscow, is not an option. A very different situation from the 90s or even early 2000s.

Something to add?