T-34 Museum

I’ve stumbled into the place when trying to get out of Sheremetyevo during not just a regular traffic jam but a true collapse. The museum grabbed my attention by its “alive” look highly unusual during this era of official glossy patriotism. A tank disassembled, with parts labeled in chalk, is something no proper official establishment would allow itself. As it turned out they actually restore tanks there, and the museum was established or run by the daughter of one of the T-34 designer. But don’t quote me on these, it may have been a grand-daughter. The point is, there was a personality involved.  When I finally made it home I looked up the Museum’s site and it too appeared alive and human-made. Here it is, in English. In readable English! >>

Ask me to to take you to this museum on your way to/from Sheremetyevo! It is also easy to stop by if you are on your way to my ex-dacha. No extra charge.

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