A compilation of Russian dating sites. Inspired by a Sunday night call from a Russian bride seeker.

Always Sunday night. I wonder why it’s usually that time. Yesterday’s caller however prompted me to do a quick review of the scene and try to identify resources that work.

It’s been about two years since I looked at it last, and a lot seems to have changed. I’ve already listed some agencies, well spoken of, that specialize in foreign men in search for Russian women. For those who want instant result they may work. Lots of choice, and they employ “animators” to keep you engaged and thinking that you are progressing someplace. You are not of course but at least places like behappy2day.com may be entertaining for some. Of small once where the manager personally knows all her clients I can only recommend SKiF in Ryazan, which is the only agency on my recommended/approved list. Olesya may be of help too. If you want to participate in the local scene, the leaders appear to be WWW.DAMOCHKA.RU and especially WWW.MAMBA.RU. Numberous field reports from Russian men connecting with Russian women are at www.pickup.ru.

Woman.ru forums have been mentioned as another good place to connect and especially to get good advice.

You may also try badoo.com24open.rudating.ru, or loveplanet.ru although I suspect they have one database at their core. One more, fotostrana.ru is described as “most dynamic” but they spam, so I would not bother.

I’ll look into these when I get my next request to scatter someone’s profile around.



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