Orthodox Church with services in English

Unlike most Orthodox churches this one subordinates to the American Patriarchate, not the Moscow one beset with scandals so silly that I have difficulty attributing them to human stupidity or malice but am instead inclined to see an evil mind of universal scale behind stories of which the Pussy Riot scandal is but one. I thought Satan was pretty clever when he brought the Catholic empire down by cleverly leveraging a few instances of priests groping and having intercural sex with altar boys to bring the whole enterprise down. But here, in the Orthodox territory, he outdid himself! But St. Catherine’s belongs to a saner American branch. Their site seems to be fully bilingual. Look for a small button in the to right corner to switch into English. The address is Bolshaya Ordynka 60/2.

St. Catherine’s on Bolshaya Ordynka is on my list of establishments to be visited. Suitable company welcomed.

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