Soviet art

An artist acquaintance of mine repremanded me for NOT having The Moscow House of Arts on my list and, in particular, the Soviet Art of the 20s and 30s. exposition. Here I am correcting my ways.

The address is Krymsky Val 5(?), Metro Oktyabrskaya. Or just walk along the canal towards that god-awful monument of Columbus with his head replaced with that of Peter the Great. The entrance to the Soviet Art section is from the right of the building if facing it, with your back to the Gorky Park.

While there, check the open-air part of sculptures in the back of the House of Artist.


PS. Easy walking distance from my apartment that’s available for rent. See

PPS. Alexandra the Artist who takes people around for free in exchange for English conversation practice knows The House of Artist and what’s around and likes it. See the Freebeis section of

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