Service exchange site – Service exchange resource. The project just got started, and there are very few participants at the moment. I counted about 20. English seems to be in great demand though. Consider participating if you want to integrate and get acquainted.

A Russian mini-lesson:

суп (sup) = soup
за (za) = in exchange for
кран (kran, related to “crane”) = faucet
The meaning of site name is “I’ll fix your leaking faucet in exchange for a bowl of soup”.

hangingRussian bride seekers! Forget agencies! Participate! See Jobs, Charity, Active/immersion tourism and similar categories. Unless of course you have “I pay and you deliver” mental set, in which case I’d give you advice if it only wasn’t contrary to Article 110 of the Russian Federation Criminal Code. The act itself is not but my telling you do rid the world of your presence may be dangerously close. But it’s been a while since I saw a sane Russian bride seeker who would add a bit of creativity to standard steps and get his wife, for there is no shortage of that stuff here. But no, there are either miserable losers who don’t know what they are doing, or assholes who wave their supposed success around like a flag. The latter are easier because they get offended at my offering them advice and procedure instead of suitably packaged beautiful women, guaranteed, with payment deferred till successful marriage, and disappear quick. The loser variety writes dozens of letters. At the moment I have an active case on my hands who has sent me about 80 e-mails so far but can’t progress beyond a profile that consists of repeating how great the relations between Russian and India are. Not a chance for him.

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