“Russian brides”

I’m regularly asked about Russian brides. My advice that the only way to get one that will last is to  integrate into local life till you run into your true mate. No way around it. You need to take time, to be active, and to let the random nature of this universe work in your favour.

This advice however  is nearly always rejected. I understand. A successful professional like you expects to pay and have quality product delivered. Fast. None of that sentimental crap. Uncertainty is not for your. Of course. So I asked around and, based on what your fellow Russian bride seekers say, will recommend

No, I don’t know of even one long-term success. But the above folks will get you dates. No, they don’t have many scammers, which seems to be your main concern. Easy, safe. Happy dating.

After you are over this agency stage you may want talk to me. But I have no magic solution and will say that, despite relative excess of women in this land where men tend to die young or otherwise fall out of circulation, you need to participate in local life and let things happen. See the Russian Brides corner in my www.oldmanfriday.com project.

While on the subject you may want to request my list of single women up for grabs from among my acquaintances. A somewhat outdated list is at www.oldmanfriday.com too under Services > Private > “Russian brides”.  A small donation once in a while will encourage me to regularly look around to see who can be added.  NONE WERE RECEIVED EVEN THOUGH I KNOW OF AT LEAST TWO WHO HAPPILY BEDDED WOMEN FROM THIS LIST. SOMEWHAT DISCOURAGING.

That’s my attempt at a logo for the “Russian Brides” project. Made a long time ago, ~1998-2000, when I was still able to poke fun at it all. 

PS. Olesya too approved the above three as “recommended”. Especially Elena’s Models. I too like Elena’s Models, partly because of a permanent long-term client addicted to this agency. He gets several women from there, can’t decide which one he wants, looses them all, and comes to me to cry and to plot his next cycle of getting the  love of his life. Women cooperate too. After joining the agency they quickly learn that men are replaceable, increase their expectations and reduce their error tolerance in others. I’m the one who benefits financially even though what little is left of my immortal soul keeps on eroding. This client goes through one cycle in 2-3 years. Before I had a fellow who came here four times to get his bride. Same procedure, same benefit for me. I love these agencies.

PPS. Speaking of Olesya, the best use for her would be to get her to provide guidance and counseling. Most of you need it but few want. So she forced to do things as stupid as keeping banners of dating and flower delivery agencies on her site. And she asked me to post one here since she gets I guess 10-15% of what you pay. I wish you’d hire her to do the delivery, to try to strike a chat with your friend, and to do a hidden interview under the guise of bringing flowers. But you won’t. So just click on this frigging banner and proceed to order your basket:

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