Russian BDMS resources among top searches

bdsm_symbol_2I’m seeing that bdsm is among the most frequent search request that takes people to this site. The leader for my old dacha and horses project is sex with horses, and prostitution is number one for the small towns project.

At this stage of my life, with failing business on my hands, I need every client and every visitor I can get and every bit of visibility and ranking. Thus this list of leading Russian BDSM resources to get more hits and all the goodies that go with it. Here:

  • Rough Man is still alive and well. I’ve mentioned it before. Here >>
  • is another active resource famous for its graphics and stories. As a rather aggressive if not a downright militant vegetarian during an early part of my life I appreciated numerous cannibalistic stories on this site, especially if they are complete with drawings. The resource has an extensive English version.
  • is an active forum or chat for the Russian bdsm community.
  • is another active forum.
  • – Yet another forum. This one too has an English section.

…Posted this and next morning stats showed the highest ever number of visitors. Thank you all the fellow perverts. I must say I’m surprised this crude technique still works.

Something to add?