Rooms and apartments in Moscow

See for a compilation of rooms and apartments direct from owners. Rooms usually start from $25/night but occasionally there is a $10-15/night offer. Apartments typically are in the $80-140 range. There you will also find some hostels or cheap hotels.

My apartment in the very center of Moscow, available for $120/night or less or much less, is also there. Apartment description >>  Availability >>

All places described are personally known to me. I receive no commissions from the owners, and my views tend to be unbiased. The only exception is Dimitry with two super rooms at Maroseyka. He regularly makes a contribution towards site upkeep, and I make sure his rooms are in demand. Why can’t others be like Dimitry?!


  • Yes, you can send to inspect an apartment you plan to rent! I’ll meet and assess the owners, take my own realistic photos of the place and neighbourhood, provide my own description that may be very different from sleek advertising images, check owner’s identity and apartment ownership documents, and in every way minimize chances of things going wrong.
  • Yes, visa support is possible. $50 for the invitation and hotel voucher based on which nationals of most developed countries will get a tourist visa.
  • Yes, registration is possible. I usually do it to my name and address. $80 for usual tourist or business visas. May be a bit more if you are staying here for many months.
  • Yes, I do airport pickups and Moscow orientations that include little things like stopping at the bank to exchange money or at the telephone shop to get a local mobile is included. $80 car upkeep contribution fund. 

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