River cruises starting and returning to Moscow

boatIn connection with this recurring question I keep on running into www.turflot.ru. Offices in Moscow (Bolshaya Ordynka 21, Metro Tretyakovskaya) and St. Petersburg (Spassky pereulok 14/35, M. Sennaya Ploshad). In Moscow it is several minutes from the apartment I have available for rent. They cater to the local market but if you ask nicely, with your request accompanied with a small contribution to prolong my agon to keep my outfit afloat I’ll deal with them on your behalf, which is probably easier for everyone concerned.

Examples of prices for cruises by turflot.ru originating from and ending in Moscow:

Moscow-Tver-Torzhok-Moscow, 3 days – 6200 per person in a 3-4 person, 8800 per person in a 2-person, and 10200 in a 3-person compartment.

Moscow-Uglich-Yaroslavl-Tutayev-Kalyazin-Moscow, 5 days, 23600 single, 17500 double,14400 in a cabin for 3-4.

Moscow-Myshkin-Kostroma-Ples-Nizhni-Kazan-Samara, 6 days, 26100, 27700, and 15900, depending on type of cabin.

Moscow-Myshkin-Kostroma-Ples-Nizhni-Kazan-Samara-Ylyanovsk-Nizhnekamsk-Elabuga-Cheboksary-Gorodets-Yaroslavl-Tutayev-Kalyazin-Moscow, 13 days, 56400, 49000, or 34300, depending on the number of persons per cabin

Moscow-Uglich-Kostroma-Ples-Yaroslavl-Tutayev-Kalyazin-Moscow, 6 days, 23600, 20500, or 14400 roubles.

Moscow-Uglich-Moscow, 3 days, 12700, 11000, 7700.

Moscow-Uglich-Myshkin-Kostroma-Ples-Gorodets-Nizhni-Diveyevo-Gorodets-Yaroslavl-Tutayev-Kalyazin-Sosenki-Moscow, 8 days, 35800, 31300, or 31800.

Moscow-Tver-Moscow, 3 days, 13000, 9800, or 7600.

Moscow-Myshkin-Kostroma-Nizhni-Kazan-Nizhnekamsk-Elabuga-Sarapul-Perm-Tchaikovski-Birsk-Ufa-Sergeevka-Chistopol-Cheboksary-Nizhni-Yaroslavl-Kalyazin-Moscow, 19 days, 93800, 46100, or 34125.

Moscow-Uglich-Myshkin-Kostroma-Yaroslavl-Kalyazin-Moscow, 5 days, 16100, 14000, or 9800.

To get $US divide numbers above by 30.

These are just some examples of a total of about 50 cruises that start and end in Moscow to give you an idea of what’s available from the beginning of May to almost the middle of November. Prices include three meals a day and tours of cities, in Russian.

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