Prostitutes on the Domodedovo airport to Moscow highway

prostitutesThat’s probably where you’ll find them closest to Moscow. THERE ARE NUMEROUS REPORTS ABOUT LENINGRADSKY SHOSSE. THESE ARE OUTDATED. THERE ARE NO PROSTITUTES THERE. NOT STANDING OPENLY BY THE SIDE. You will however find several on the stretch of the road leading to the Domodedovo airport, on the east side of the road, which is your side if driving from Domodedovo towards Moscow.prostitutes_closeup

They look passable. No, being a wimp, I didn’t stop to ask about going rates. If, however, you hire me to pick you up at Domodedovo* I will stop and ask on your request. The fact that it is your initiative will help me overcome my hesitation.


*$80 car upkeep contribution. It includes parking, waiting, and time and traffic permitting a short tour of Moscow. Yes, questions welcomed. Recommended to first-time travellers. You get much more than a transfer but fairly extensive Moscow orientation. See for more info on my collection of freelance English-speaking drivers and other professionals.

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