Post-apocalypse images of Moscow


I’d like to call your attention to Vladimir Manyuhin (Manyukhin, Manuhin, Manyuhin), an artist who takes photos of iconic places,

often in Moscow, and adds decay to turn them into images of what the same place may look like after the end of the present order of things. See

Moscow submits well to this sort of apocalyptic re-rendering. Other places like a lot of the Russian countryside are already there. No need for artistic interpretation. Attempting to do so results in what’s too much even to tough and tired old me – Vasily Shulzhenko immediately comes to mind. Small American and European towns do not appear to be in any imminent danger of sinking. Moscow however is permanently taking step towards the abyss, and even – and perhaps especially – new construction has the idea of its downfall already build it. Whereas elsewhere destruction is an undesirable force from within, here in Russia entropy is not an alien but a part of the definition, with us here and now. Study it! If of course you are travelling here to understand something about this world’s makeup.