Photo Center

The Photo Center is definitely worth adding to this guide because, among other reasons, you don’t need to know Russian to make sense of photography. Many photos are about Russia’s recent history however so it would help being aware of what’s been happening in this land in the last few decades. At the moment there is a exhibition on .

Many exhibitions are of the “patriotic” sort.  At the moment, Jan. 5 2013, I noticed three at a glance: one exalts the Russian police force, and the other condemns Syrian “bandits”, and the third one is about Solovki (a monastery, a stronghold of Old Believers, then a prison for enemies of the regime, then just one of the places at the edge of the world, and now a religious establishment  again).  A very comme-in-fault place that captures what’s on the collective mind of the nation in a manner accessible to outsiders.

Gogolevsky Boulevard 8 and Ostozhenka 16, Metro Kropotkinskaya, very close to the Pushkin Museum and that new Christ the Savior Cathedral.

Something to add?