Old bibles and lives of saints

The most impressive collection of old bibles I’ve ever seen is in the Old Believers “Knizhnaya Lavka” (“book bench”) by the Preobrazhensky market.  A small room stacked to the ceiling with books that are oozing with sanctity but can be purchased at prices that, given their age, appear more than reasonable. Probably in Old Slavonic. No, I didn’t dare to ask to inspect them closer. Doing so out of motivation that is 2/3 curiosity appeared to me something of a sacrilege.  A property next door to the market itself, just west from it. The entrance is from the side closest to Metro Preobrazhenskaya.

While there check out a flea market of the 90s sort. Last observed in December 2012 and is note likely to last in the sterility-obsessed 2013 Moscow. You may also want to visit an old cemetery on the other side of the market. And of course the market itself, which will be mentioned a lot in this Guide.

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