Old Believers have constructed a super duper ghetto blaster and are offering it for rent

Need to teach noisy neighbours a lesson? A new dictator with small propaganda budget?

For 4-5 thousand roubles per day (about $150) a powerful (info on the exact wattage and other technicalities is coming up) “media center” as they call it is yours.

Concerts, events, large meetings,what not. This thing will do everything from simply amplifying sound to projecting images and movies onto walls.

media_center_1 media_center_2 media_center_3
The offer comes from Old Believers, their Rogozhsky Poselok stronghold. Mind you it is their youth wing that came up with this project but still I have difficulty understanding how faith can be combined with putting together a device so opposed to the harmony of the universe. If/when I join you guys I’ll ask to be assigned to the most conservative arm. To the sort that views anything with transistors as a satanic invention.

media_center_4 media_center_5 media_center_6

Contact Oleg Khokhlov, mstarover@pisem.net. He speaks fluent English and responds fast. This “media center” is his project.

media_center_7 media_center_8 media_center_9

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