My resume

I too am no exception. For the last few years I’ve been spending an increasingly high % of effort on looking for business rather than actually doing things. Part of the effort is scattering my resume all over…



 Thorough knowledge of the Russian environment. Understaning the needs and challenges that face western travellers to Russia.

 Translating and interpreting. Well-versed in technical subjects. Able to do simultaneous.

 Website administration, content development, and promotion, full cycle, since 1997, with 12 sites under my care at present.

 Property management. Operated a small country retreat and a horse-riding establishment for 10 years. Provided horse riding and handling lessons, organized trips. Kitchen management and cooking, including food preparation under field conditions.

 Imprinted with defensive Canadian driving style in 1981. Nearly 20 accident free years on Russian roads under a variety of conditions.

 Many technical/mechanical/manual skills that include welding, forging, horse shoeing, basic car repairs, electric work, plumbing etc. etc.  


 Home office in the center of Moscow. 

 Attention filming crews and deep tourism enthusiasts! I own a 4WD truck and a camper equipped for autonomous living and working in the field.

 An extensive network of contacts throughout Russia. Among my friends and associated on whom I can rely are lawyers, accountants, archive professionals, journalists, auto enthusiasts, artists, welders, dog breeders, educators.. 


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