Moscow prices from a business traveller perspective

Some very recent examples:

  • Taxi from one side of Red Square to the other, 2 miles: 500-1000 roubles ($17-33). These were official taxis. A Gypsy cab ride was 200 roubles ($7) but in that case it had to be a “real” taxi, painted canary yellow and decorated with checkered pattern the way classic Moscow cabs are, for filming a “typical Moscow” episode.
  • A light meal for three in Mia Piace, a popular Italian restaurant: 4500-5000 roubles ($150-170).
  • A double room at Hotel Peking (Beijing), a central 3-start hotel: 10 th. roubles ($330).
  • Two bottle of water and one package of cigarettes at a bar at Balchug-Kempinsky: 4500 roubles ($150).
It’s been a while since I was exposed to the business traveller perspective on the Moscow scene. Got a doze of inconvenience, aggression, and exposure to costs during my last assignment that I’ll try to turn into a story of dos and don’ts. See  It will probably appear under the title of The Fourth Derivative of Evil or similar.

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