Mormons in Moscow

I was recently approached by a pair of Mormons, and we spent five fun-filled minutes talking past each other under one of these God-awful bronze statues that popped up all over Moscow when then mayor Luzhkov was friends with sculptor Rkatitseli or whatever The one who cast a huge Columbus, then replaced his head with that of Peter the Great, and put this atrocity up between The Moscow House of Artist and Red October. Their – I’m back to Mormons now – sleek look is just as annoying and their utterances just as rehearsed as before. But in the present oppressive climate they are friends, and I’m adding them to my list of religious establishments. The leaflet the fellows gave me says that services are held at noon every Sunday at Sredny Ovchinnikovsky pereulok 14. That’s right by Metro Novokuznetskaya and next door to my apartment that is available for rent. Sites mentioned in the leaflet are and, and their telephone number is 8 985 267 8493.

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