More river cruise examples

boatBelow is a small sample compiled for a client who asked what’s available in September 2013. If anyone wants more ask and I’ll look it up. This compilation is based on offers from All prices are in roubles. To get $US values divide roubles by 30. The first price is for one-person compartment, the second one is for double, and the third one for rooms for three or four.

Sept. 14-27 2013, Rstov-on-Don-Starocherkasskaya-Romanovskaya-Astrakhan-Nikolskoye-Volgograd-Saratov-Samara-Ulyanovsk-Cheboksary-Koz’modem’yansk-Gorodets-Yaroslavl-Kalyazin-Sosenki-Moscow, 14 days, 66400R for one person room, 49900 for double, and 33000 for a room shared by 3-4.

Sept. 16-19 2013. Moscow-Uglich-Myshkin-Tutayev-Yaroslavl-Nizhi, 3 days, 12500R, 10800R, and 7600R.

Sept. 20-22. Moscow-Uglich-Moscow, 3 days, 13300R/11500R/8100R.

Sept. 23-27. Moscow-Ulgish-Myshkin-Kostroma-Ples-Moscow, 19100R/16630R/11700R

Sept. 27-29, 3 days, Moscow-Uglich-Moscow, 13600R/10200R/8000R.

Sept. 27-30, Moscow-Tver-Kalyazin-Moscow, 4 days, 13300R/11500R/8100R.

Sept. 30 – Nov. 13 2013. Moscow-Sosenki-Uglich-Kostroma-Ples-Nizhni-Cheboksary-Elabuga-Tchaikovski-Perm-Berezniki-Nizhnekamsk-Kazan, 13 days, 44500R/38500R/26700R.

Roughly $80-100 per person per day from what I see. Comparable or cheaper than if you were to hire me to drive you around.

Many of the cities above are or will be described on my Note the following categories that resonate with river cruises:

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