Metro, prostitutes,and post-apocalypses Moscow

I’ve just looked at the list of search phrases that lead people to this project. The top ones are


If I came across maps I particularly like I dump them here >>


Alternative spelling: Manuhin, Manyuhin, Manukhin. If looking for info on him also try mvn78.

He is famous for his post-apocalypses images, many of which are of Moscow. I’ve already mentioned him and also Vasily Lozhkin as two painters who capture the essence of present-day Russia.
good old favourites, prostitution and related.

I think he became popular after revealing himself to the world as a book illustrator, thus the searches.


I’ll have to use every opportunity to inject Russian brides and prostitutes into my sites. I recently looked into stats for my nearly neglected and saw, among top searches, “sex with horses” and “where to buy heroine in Tver”. Fine, I am enough of a sick pervert to regularly mention these things.


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