Medical certificates

Those staying here too long will at some point learn about the institution of “spravki”. As of recent I’ve been immersed into this part of local Kafkaesque world more than ever before in my life. Thus this little compilation of stories and places that can be of assistance. Of course you are most welcomed to get me to guide you through the process., (495) 646 2600, multiple locations. Another recommended place to get this damn health certificate that you need for anything, from going to a public swimming pool to signing up for flute lessons. Yes, I recently was a witness to just that, when a medical certificate was required before the kid could join an extracurricular flute class. With it was about 900 roubles ($30), quick, and the shrink’s approval was included, which is a tricky thing. Alexandra yesterday went through the process at their Prospekt Mira 105 location in less than an hour with no appointment. 

Rates for this service spread is from 500 to 2200 roubles so 900-1000 appears reasonable. Ironically, those who charge more tend to be more attentive and may send you for tests and X-rays, or even deny the certificate if you don’t match standard. These are pretty tough. 140/90 blood pressure is considered excessive. 37.5C temperature is a valid reason to stay home. In my school days I spend many an agreeable day off school because of 37.1! No, you don’t want Russian doctors to apply their official procedures. At best it will take a lot of time, and you can realistically fail to meet local standards.

My recent venture to collect 28 stamps to be entitled to adopt the little Theo who in the meantime turned into a full blown teenagers making me wonder if I once again did the stupidest thing in my life took three weeks. I estimate I entered doctor’s offices 120 times. But in this case getting a forged or semi-forged one was risky, and the lawyer who orchestrated the process strongly advised us not to cut corners. But adoption is different from a job permit or renewing one of the many licenses.

Another recent story was from Olesya. Thanks to her I was well prepared to an encounter with the psychiatrist who establishes sanity by asking what day of the week and what date it is.

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