Another establishment of interest to travellers, especially from Germany. Peter and Paul Lutheran Church. Starosadsky pereulok, off Maroseyka, Metro Kitay-Gorod.

The Lutheran Church is known for its organ concerts but this thing with pipes is not only “the biggest in Russia” but also godawful LOUD. I just had to leave after 20 min. of it. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Peter and Paul’s site in Russian and German: 

Looking for a place to stay in the area cheap? Try Dimitry with his $25-30 rooms first. If booked try Basilica but there you’ll only get a bed in a room shared with 4-6 backpackers, most of whom are annoying in a hard-to-articulate way, and some burst in in the middle of the night. A certain percentage of them are snorers. If nothing there see if Hostel Napoleon on Bolshoy Zlatoustinsky (?) will do but it is even noisy by attracting the partying type. All three places are within walking distance to the Lutheran hangout. See my, Rooms or Hostels section. Dimitry knows the area very well and can recommend something if his rooms are booked.

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