Korean food stores

Unverified list

Bomulsom – 8(499)135-7393
O-mart – (495)544-8164
Rodeo Super – (495)937-5705
Seoul Super – 939-8702
Sonmulidip – 939-8689
Maru Super – 8(499)135-7393
Yonhwa Food Products – 8-915-282-7888

Something in Lotte Plaza, Metro Somoenskaya, Arbatskaya

Internet and possibly real store, south end – http://www.korshop.ru/


Korean food stores — 2 Comments

  1. The Chinese store at Prospekt Mira, east side, 2 min. walk from Sukharevskaya Ploshad, may have them. The Vietnamese at Mar’yina Rosha 11(or is it 14?) have something that looks like roll wrappers. Indian Spices is another possible source. I’ve never bought them so I can only guess. I use Armenian flatbread instead of rice paper for rolls. If stuffing is moist I add an extra lining of salad leaves or seaweed as an insulator to keep break from getting wet and falling apart.



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