If the building where you live is not looked after

ovchina_outside_2The procedure is, first, to talk to your local ZhEK. Your neighbours will know where it is. Problems of the leaking pipe type may get sorted out easily on this level.

ovchina_back_6If that does not work, as is often the case, you should recourse to the Moscow Housing Inspectorate. One letter (it has to be in writing – spoken words are cheap here but paper is respected*)is often enough. It is at Prospekt Mira 19 (Metro Sukharevskaya or Prospekt Mira). For details see its site http://mgi.mos.ru/.

ovchina_5th_leakThis info is from a friend of a friend of someone who is a maintenance contractor for the for the Moscow city government. I’ll be following his advice in my attempt to get something done about an apartment for rent in the midst of this decay and neglect >>


*Что написано пером, не вырубить топором – What’s written with a quill can’t be chopped (even with) an axe. This land has a long history of association of written word with things as serious as death. The most recent example that comes to mind is death of Michale Beketov on April 8 2013 who was fatally beaten merely for writing about the road construction controversy in Khimki. For a Russian bureaucrat a strong letter says “do it or else it will go to those who want your job and you’ll leave with disgrace in liberal times, or go to prison camp during a tougher part of the cycle”. Russia is now entering the latter and the last thing those in authority want is a written and supported story that they are not doing their job.

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