How to get rid of used clothing

goodwill_boxWhat do to with good items that are no longer needed is something I’ve been asked several times. Finally, there I am, with what I think is an exhaustive list of what I know on the subject.


ВТОРОЕ ДЫХАНИЕ (SECOND WIND, not to be confused with my favourite drinking establishment) at the very beginning of Pyatnitskaya, Metro Novokuznetskaya, Tretyakovskaya. Specialize in expensive brands. You get about 30% of what it sells for. I’m very often in the area and can always help you in talking with the store keeper.

МЕЧТА (DREAM), Chistorprodny 9. Not quite so expensive brands, and their share is much more modest.

ВТОРАЯ ЖИЗНЬ (SECOND LIFE). Several stores. See


I only have experience with Not I actually but Alexandra with her ads that tend to grab just the right sort of response. I was surprised at how fast and easy things got sold or fount their new owners through


See Charity >>

Please especially note Projects I know and support >>
I’ll be happy to help you interact with these, or to do a delivery if for giving things away for free or in exchange for something small but fun. Never used it. At a glance the system appears complicated. – Same as above but simpler. No personal experience but I heard people swearing by it.

The Orthodox Church has its own large and highly efficient collection system in Moscow, with distribution mostly in poorer regions. I interacted with it in the summer of 2010 during forest fires and was impressed. Since then from what I hear it continues developing quite successfully. Information on current distribution points is at


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