Guides with a twist has been called to my attention with a proposal that I list my Moscow the Ugly tour there. The resource lists “alternative” guides in St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Kiev. Examples of tours:

food, flea markets, Metro, 1917 revolution, Dostoyevsky, cycling, vestiges of the Soviet era, vodka drinking, banya, churches, urban decay, village life, architecture, roof walking, poets, daily living etc. etc. etc.

Nearly all of these guides speak English. French is the second most common language.

Suppose I will sign up with with my

      • Winter is the Soul of Russia (c)
      • Russian Misery Tourism (c)
      • camping trips
      • horse riding
      • small towns and villages
      • churches, monasteries, and other from of escapism
      • Russian north
      • budget tourism
      • Etc. etc.

If any of the above are close to what you are looking for check my

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