Free range eggs at Preobrazhensky

These are  **consistently** found in the Preobrazhensky market (Metro Preobrazhenskaya, Semenovskaya), in the long building along the east edge of the market, benches 29 and 30.  100-120 roubles for 10 ($4 per dozen). Tel.: +7 915 499 4334 (Alexander), +7 926 676 3063 (Julia).


Free range eggs at Preobrazhensky — 7 Comments

  1. COOL! That`s what I need for my farmer`s virtual shop.

    WELCOME everybody to a small open market this Saturday 19/01 at Rogozhskiy Poselok in Moscow (old-believers spiritual Centre – nice place worth visiting, especially 19/01 when Christians celebrate Jesus Christ`s Baptism and refill their bottles with saint water).

    Promise free of charge Russian traditional herbal “tea” from mega samovar : )
    Oleg Khokhlov

  2. There is an Old Believers monastery by the Preobrazhensky Market, by far the least modernized of all Moscow markets, possibly because of our influence.

  3. Alexandra reports that this monastery at Rogozhsky has a tiny closet called Knizhnaya Lavka (“book shop” or literally “book bench”) full of books just oozing with dignity and sanctity preserved from another era.

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