A time capsule of old Zamoskvorechye spirit

Today I would like to present the Ostrovsky Museum in Zamoskvorechye, Malaya Ordynka 9/2. Alexander Ostrovsky is a playwright, and is considered to be the founder of the Russian theatre tradition. The Maly Theatre (to the right of Bolshoi if facing it) is Ostrovsky’s creation, and its repertoire is still based on his plays. The fat bronze man in front of Maly is Ostrovsky himself.
The museum is in the house where Ostrovsky was born in 1823. Such an old wooden houses is rarity in Moscow today, and in itself is a historic rarety.
This museum is an example of what an establishment of this sort should be like. First, it is immune to the fashion of the day. There are none of usual slogans about Russia’s greatness, importance of Ostrovsky in raising the young generation in the spirit of patriotism, no portraits of Putin speaking to schoolchildren about the importance of culture that have become standard for just about every public place. Even if you could not care less about Ostrovsky and Russian play-writes and theatre, this museum preserves traces of old Russia before it turned into USSR. The museum lacks glamour, is not enjoying popularity, and its director is able to spend lots of time cultivating old-style garden around the house.

Admission is 200 rubles (about $6) and 100 rubles ($3) for making photos.

Museum site (Russian only)

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