Flea markets: Novopodrezkovo, Saltykovka (?), Pushkino, Serpukhov

smokingOne of the sellers at the “down and out” part of the Preobrazhenka flea market shared info on a few locations of other undocumented and unknown (except to true connoisseurs) flea markets in Moscow and around. These are:

  • Near train station Novopodrezkovo, north end, in Moscow. This is the heir to the old famous Lianozovo. Said to be good and big.
  • Saltykova? Saltykovka? train station, also in Moscow.
  • Pushkino, along the Yaroslavskoye shosse, ~20km north-east from Moscow.
  • The city of Serpukhov, south from Moscow, Stary Byt shop near the city market.

Of the above the existence and activity at Novopodrezkovo was confirmed by two fellow shoppers.

The old guy who shared the above also told me that typical flea market sales range from 5 to 15 th. roubles per day ($170 to $500). That fact surely opens new possibilities and perspectives to my permanently failing Traveller Support & Project Facilitation business. To thank the him I just had to buy something, and of what he had the little smoking device was the only item that had any appeal. Got it for 200 roubles ($7). But my supply of stuff to put into it is running out. Any hints where I can get more? It has to be quality, priced right, and from a reliable source.


Flea markets: Novopodrezkovo, Saltykovka (?), Pushkino, Serpukhov — 1 Comment

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