Eye wear

Magazine Neobychnykh Oprav. Two locations: Prospekt Mira 71 and Serpukhovskoy pereulok 7 (at Lusinovskaya, Metro Dobryninskaya).  Glasses that will not fall off even if you hang yourself upside down, pince-nez, monocles, lorgnettes.

Optika on Krumsky. Krymsky Val 6, Metro Oktyabrskaya or Park Kultury, very close to the Moscow House of Artist. One of the or the oldest eye-wear store in Moscow, established just before the war.  That’s were I found, after a long search, my current set that does not pinch the nose the way most glasses do.


Optica, no particular name from what I recall, just behind Metro Novokuznetskaya. That’s where I found a pince-nez when by some reason the sides started irritating my ears.

The rest of Moscow’s numerous “Opticas” carry a near identical selection of something tacky and vaguely uncomfortable.

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