Exploring Achan (?) in the basement of Arcadia and finding it worth recommending

A huge bill expected for fixing up that old LR to give it a reasonable chance of making it to Kandalaksha (1500 miles north the shortest way through places where car repair shops are 200 miles apart) prompted me to explore the Achan or Attak or whatever it is called supermarket in the basement of the Arcadia mall, right in the center of Moscow, Metro Novokuznetksaya. Bolshoi Ovchinnikovsky 16, right behind my apartment for rent. I normally look down at places that that but cash flow problems a a powerful force and I went in. Among things I found was passable 20 rouble beer, 4 rouble instant noodles, 18 rouble zucchini pate (in better days I went for 70R/$2+), 2 rouble notebooks, 14 rouble Yessentuki No.17, carbonated water that’s the best available choice in the absence of Borjomi from Georgia the import of which is banned, 5 rouble hot peppers that are not much inferior to those that sell for 10 elsewhere, 18-30 rouble sprouts etc. etc.

But you need to watch out what you are getting. Some things are downright inferior. Vegetable preserves look tired, and fresh mushrooms are downright scary. While at the other end of the scale (let Azbuka Vkuza represent it) you can pretty much assume you are getting a good product but need to carefully look at prices, here you need to watch what you are buying. And most quite edible cheap products will not taste quite the same. Canned peas for 20 roubles will be entirely edible but lack that something present in the 70 rouble can. If you are careful however at Arcadia you will get a good bang for the buck, and considering that it is the very center of Moscow, I am putting it on my Recommended list. Metro Novokuznetskaya, go behind the station and follow the lane to a T intersection. There turn right. Two minutes walk.

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