Eating at the water pumps factory

This stolovaya is one of the starts of my Recommended list. Still there, still “Soviet”. The sign “Stolovaya” literally means “a place with tables” (стол/stol is table, related to English “stall”). No “business lunches”, “happy hours” or other marketing tricks. Just a place to eat, which is a welcome relief in Moscow, where at least 20% of active population are “marketologists”, and finding a product not accompanied by informational clutter is unusual. Prices are a tiny bit higher than in my 2010 review but food is just as 70s and 80s as before, and 300R ($10) will still get you full.

Metro Alexeyevskaya. When in the area ask for Ulitsa Novoalexeyevskaya and “Zavod Vodopribor” (“Plant WaterDevice”).

That’s the factory. Typical 1880s industrial construction.


Renting an apartment near Metro Alexeyevskaya. Available Summer 2013 and possibly after that.

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