Moscow, RUSSIA

115035 Москва
Овчинниковская наб. 8, стр. 1, кв. 508
Войтинский П.В.

You can write the address in English too:

115035 Moscow
Ovchinnikovskaya nab. 8, stroyeniye 1, kv. 508
Voytinsky P.V.

Always indicate my number (+7 985 217 3241) on the package or envelope. If it is a package, state what it contains, eg. “Books, gift” or “Clothing, for the rural poor, no commercial value”. Speaking of gifts, check my blog, the Bribe me! category. That’s a cheap way to get the preferred client status. I still haven’t received the classic American mailbox! But thank you comrades for books and soap!

Please note that after June 2013 I may not be physically present at this address and correspondence may take a long time to reach me. E-mail and we’ll decide on the best way to proceed.

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