Chinese food in Moscow

  • KITAYSKY KVARTAL, Prospekt Mira 12, Metro Sukarevskaya, east side of Prospekt Mira. Expensive and at the time of my visit, which was shortly after opening, it lacked many things that I though inseparable from the very idea of “Chinese”, eg. tofu. It did have proper iron woks however – a rarity in Moscow.
  • A long time ago (in about 2008) there was an outlet hidden in the depths of the wallpaper factory at Verkhnaya Krasnoselskaya 2/1 by Metro Krasnoselskaya. 

If you are looking for to-fu you best bet would be the Vietnamese market at Maryina Rosha. Fresh and real cheap, plus a lot more goodies. If in Moscow I can always give you a tour.

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