Charitable organizations/project I personally know

(1) Doctor Liza, the angel for Moscow homeless. Russian sites: and Works off a basement near Metro Novokuznetskaya. Her needs are money, clothing, and helping hands. If needed I am available to deliver things as geographically I’m as close to her as things ever get (5 min. walk). No English translation of her site but here is something about her in English at and Since I seem to have an inexorably developing dromomania I may very well end up on the receiving end, which is my personal reason for supporting the cause of the homeless.

(2) A hospice for terminally ill cancer patients. See The city of Moscow covers the basics but the Hospice provides comfort, care, and dignity, which are not part of the deal with the Soviet/Russian state-run system. Alexandra (see Kandalaksha Nature Reserve or her own site) has some joint publishing projects with them. My role is much humbler and, in line with rapidly progressing pull to the abyss of uncontrollable urge to wander, is to deliver stuff. I’m particularly popular in this role after I found myself in the possession of a total of 8m3 (over 80ft3) of cargo space.

The most this vehicle carried for the Hospice was ~1700kg (~3600 lbs). Doable although not easy.

(3) Old folks home in Kolionovo, near Yegoryevsk, east of Moscow Oblast. Misha Slyapnikov (?), the hero behind the project, is active in making rural life bearable, especially for the elderly. He needs hands (landscaping, farming, debris cleanup, construction), publicity, and just about everything else. East from Moscow, Yegor’yevsk region. Their site is Russian only but here there are a few stories in English floating around. Misha’s project is also your excuse to get out of Moscow. Kolionovo is the “real” countryside yet it is only a couple of hours from the center of Moscow if roads are clear.

(4) Paulina Fedorovna, retired director of the Staritsa (Tver region) children’s shelter, is actively helping single mothers. She collects and distributes clothing. Paulina herself needs health care so that she can effectively continue her work despite her failing health and in particular eyesight. Let me know if you want to help in any way. Although I’m no longer actively involved with Horses & Dacha project, I will be happy to visit old haunts if there is a compelling reason to travel to Staritsa.


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  1. Let me add two more.

    1. “Envelopes for God.” Here are raising money for the treatment of children who do not have Russian citizenship. Details are here and I hope Pasha translate itфрендс

    2. “Old age is fun.” Care homes for the elderly in the province. Their site is only in Russian. Pasha helped him deliver Christmas gifts last year. Founder Lisa Oleskina was one of the first who started to collect charitable assistance during fires in 2010.

    Many of the people that are named here know each other and try to help each other too. Lisa Oleskina (“Old age is fun”) to collect books for the library of Kolionovo (Shlyapnikov Misha), Misha helps Dr. Lisa, Dr. Lisa helps hospice and so on. Uncle Pasha himself participated in varying degrees in all these projects too. Excluding the “Envelope for God” but for the “Envelope” I can vouch.

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