Business card holders without hassle


These are not easy to find in this Hell Light of a city. I used to travel way to the south end of Moscow to a small factory – or, rather, shop hidden in the bowels of one of these research institutes – that made them. A day-long project given Moscow’s specifics and peculiarities, one of them being that to get in you first arm yourself with an official paper that you are a “business”, then order a pass, then tell them what you want, then go two floors up to pay, then bring the receipt back to the main office, and only after that you are allowed to proceed to the warehouse where you get a dozen of these damn tacky plastic card holders worth a total of $25! Just found an outlet near Metro Sokolniki that sells them. See The address is Ulitsa Chetvertaya Sokolnicheskaya 1, korpus 1. Tel.: +7 495 649 8288, +7 499 748 0784. Make their things in Tver and have a sales office there too.


Business card holders without hassle — 3 Comments

  1. The store on Maroseyka, same building as White Clouds (hope you don’t mind New Age or at least abstain from stoning them as Deuteronomy 17 seems to tell you) also had business card holders. About 70 roubles ($2), made of metal, thus much better feel and look..

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