Apartment for short term rent: May 5-16 is your chance to stay in the very center of Moscow CHEAP

Hole-in-the-schedule special. Make me a non-insulting offer and you got yourself a place right in the center of Moscow, on the canal, 7 min. walk to Red Square, close to the Tretyakoff Gallery, Moscow House of Artist, New Opera, GUM and all these touristy things.

Apartment description: www.cheap-moscow.com/studio.htm

Availability: www.cheap-moscow.com/studio_availability.htm


PS. Just curious. How much do I have to drop the rate to get any takers? 50% off ($70/night) doesn’t seem enough. Not a single enquiry. Let’s try $50? But I’m starting to see that there is no use. Going down seems to make no difference. Can as well be $120. You fuckers complain about Moscow being expensive but when someone makes it cheap you don’t react. Please someone explain what’s happening. As of last year or two the most bookings where from tripadvisor.com where I announce the highest rates.

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