Anglican Church


I’m adding St. Andrew’s Anglican Church to the list of religious establishments that may be of interest to travellers. Look for it at Вознесенский переулок (Voznesensky pereulov, meaning Ascension lane, pardon my penchant for verbatim translations), off Tverskaya, half a mile north from the Kremlin.

Site of St. Andrew’s Anglican Church in Moscow >>

Want to know how this church came to my attention? St. Andrew’s was mentioned in a discussion about foreigners in Moscow acquiring – within months – local habits and values. This church was cited as an example, as perhaps the only Anglican Church in the world where taking photos is not allowed even when there is no service and the church is empty. Just Russian style “zaprescheno”. Don’t stay in Russia too long. Irreversible changes start after about a year. If you need things done, hire me. How I can be your hands, feet, eyes, ears, and even a bit of brain in Russia this sparing you from travel to this land is here >>

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