An old booze store on Pyatnitskaya, Zamoskvorechye

Among things you’ll find there is brandy from Moldova and a multi-herb potion that defies description from Karelia. Pyatnitskaya 27, Spotykach. One of these stores that’s been there from times immemorial and still remain independent. A good selection of classic brands like Stolichnaya and Staraya Moskva, and vodka-theme souvenirs. Recommended as one of very few human-scale stores with a classic selection.

…Come to think of it, “bitter” probably is the word for that potion from Karelia, a classic Soviet product that was around in late 70s, goes down easily, causes neither a hangover nor tachycardia, and is not sugary the way most compositions of this type tend to be. Downed a small bottle yesterday, slept like a baby, and woke up full of energy and without my usual morning desire to hang myself in an ostentatiously unappetizing manner.

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