A proper and correct vodka establishment

By Alexandra
Edited by Pasha

Happy drunks are nearly extinct in the 2013 Moscow.  On seeing several old-school inebriated individuals staggering out of this basement establishment that calls itself “Rumochnaya” (“Shot-glass place”) at Ulitsa Bochkova 5, ten minutes walk from Metro Alekseevskaya, we had overcome out distaste for neon lights and other signs of glamour which are a must these days, and ventured down and in.

Although called “rumochnaya”, same as Pasha’s favourite famous Второе дыхание (Second Wind), it is on the opposite side of the spectrum. You can invite women or business partners to this one without suffering consequences.

As all proper drinking establishments, it is below street level. It took some work to get Pasha in. A promise of vodka with no nagging attached was an effective motivator.  After the first shot of “hrenovuha” (horseradish-flavoured – and very much so – vodka) his mood improved and we proceeded to celebrate what life still has to offer to old losers like us.


Being a true alcophile (note the subtle difference from “alcoholic”), Pasha proceeded to sample garlic and pepper vodka, ginger vodka, and then anise vodka, and then vodka with such a strong flavour that even the barman issued a warning that it is but for the toughest, and our hero of course loved it even more than others.

Shots were 70 roubles for 50 grams (roughly an ounce and a half). Khamovniki beer I ordered was 90 or 100 roubles ($3).


Snacks were just right for “rumochnaya”. Not so many as to turn choosing into work. Not too large to change focus from drinking to eating. Made with care. Priced.. No, not “cheap” but “proper”.

The bill to turn us into yet two more happy clients staggering out was 1100 roubles.

Here is the menu:

10002 10003
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Definitely recommended if you are too much of a wimp for Second Wind but want to partake in the drinking ritual.

Make a note of this establishment if renting an apartment from Alexandra. It is about 10 min.  walk.

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