A couple of choice Russophobia links

Russia is “different”. Anyone on their way here may want to check out

  • La Russophobe.  A resource famous for its intensity. Hope whoever maintains it does not burn himself with rage too soon. Lots of factually correct material but the resource just oozed with hellish anger.
  • The Exile. In banned me from its forum in 2007 and went down in 2008. Probably a good thing because now, in 2012, they would most definitely fall under the new or revived “inciting hatred” or “extremism” laws. Their old issues are still available and I’d recommend them if not my fear of being hauled off to a highly uncomfortable Russian prison.
  • Wikipedia article on Russophobia. Written with passion beyond what is usually found in encyclopedias.
To avoid possible charges of prejudice etc. I’ll also compile “positive” links. Here are some >>



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