Another brief review of Moscow dangers. An attempt to identify pattern.

One of the most common questions I get from you travellers is if Moscow is dangerous and in what way. Just got another one, thus this short review.

Without searching through my memory too hard or deep I recall three clients getting into trouble because they got drunk. Another couple fell victim of housing scam, and probably close to a dozen to “Russian bride” tricks. Three or four suffered from simple physical hazards. One young Japanese lady got a nasty electric shock from one of Moscow’s trolley buses before grounding chains were added. One fellow broke a toe because of a small change in floor level between rooms, and I’m sorry to say that happened in my apartment he was renting. A couple had falls that ended with spectacular bruises, one at the apartment from the loft, and another at my dacha when a horse-drawn sleigh flipped over sending passengers rolling down the hill. No, I was not the one driving! One got a splinter into his finger and ran to the European Medical Center where it was treated with a few drops of iodine solution for 500 Euros. Also happened at my dacha I think. Only one instance of a classic purse snatcher in the Metro but that was back in the 90s. One telephone lost to a pickpocket. One police scam.

There are certainly more I could recall but the above reflects the pattern. Given that there’ve been hundreds of travellers the rate they get into trouble can probably be considered negligible. 8/10 come, stay, and go without anything whatsoever going wrong. Not a glitch.

Hope the above answers – alleviates – some common concerns. In my practice crime happens once or twice per year, and assuming only once or two client per week the probability is of it happening to you during your one week stay is 2%. And most of it is extremely minor. Relax. 

Something to add?