Чапельник (tchapel’nik)

handleWho asked me where to get one of these old-fashioned pan handles that fit any pan? Here it is. Found it on the second level of the Alexeyevsky market. Much inferior to old ones but better than current Chinese versions with moving parts. I swear, I saw and at one time was forced to use one with two buttons! I’m sure in time to come they will add microcircuit chips and batteries. I’m glad to be mortal. Anyway, a pan holder is here waiting to whoever it was who asked about it. Please e-mail to claim. I’ll throw it in my bag to always have it with me as I roam around Moscow but in the next few days it will be here at Alexeyevskaya, in Zamoskvorechye, or near Metro Aviamotornaya, or in Arbat on Monday. My whereabouts are announced through my Twitter account.

Want to impress Russians with your command of the language? The thing is called “чапельник”, with emphasis on the first syllable. I doubt two out of 10 know this word.

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